• Complete Solution for CARGO Logistics Management

    Complete Solution for
    CARGO & Logistics Management

  •  Cargo & Logistics Complete Solution for Operations, Service Allotments, Delivery, <br> Transhipment, Missing & Fraud items Handling and more...

    Cargo & Logistics Complete Solution for
    Operations, Service Allotments, Delivery,
    Transhipment, Missing & Fraud items handling
    and more...

  • Online Tracking & Notifications at each level of Shipment

    Best Transport Management Software

  • Online Tracking & Notifications at each level of Shipment

    Best Fleet Management Software

  • Online Tracking & Notifications at each level of Shipment

    Courier Booking Management Software

  • Online Tracking & Notifications at each level of Shipment

    Full Truck Management Software

  • Online Tracking & Notifications at each level of Shipment

    Online Tracking & Notifications
    at each level of Shipment

  • Integrated With  Accounts  MIS Reports

    Integrated With
    Accounts & MIS Reports

  • Mobile APP for all the Operations on the Field

    Mobile APP
    for all the Operations on the Field

  • Revenue Expenses Tracking

    Revenue & Expenses Tracking

Manage & Grow your business with CargoERP

CargoERP is an innovative cloud based cargo business management solution that simplifies bookings, operations, tracking and monitoring of goods that are to be delivered in real time. CargoERP enhances the way logistics businesses functions, by improving operations and business management with help of technology. CargoERP helps cargo operators to manage, process, and track a large number of goods across a range of routes. The platform helps operators in taking decision by providing accurate data and generating reports on revenue while providing real life communication updates.

cargo logistics software


Operation Module

Operation Module

  • Booking & Transshipment Details
  • Outgoing, Incoming Manifest
  • Run-sheet Preparation & Updating
  • POD update and Doc upload
Fleet Management

Fleet Management

  • Route Planning
  • GPS Tracking of Vehicles
  • View vehicle on map
  • Trip Sheet of Driver and Vehicle
  • Maintenance Plan
  • Performance History


  • Incoming, Outgoing Manifest
  • Receiving and booking Report
  • Sales Report, Target Report
  • Run-sheet, Rate Master
  • Overall Count Report
  • Load Handling Report
  • Payment Report, Etc..
Billing & Invoice

Billing & Invoice

  • Finance & Accounts Management
  • Customer Outstanding Report
  • Customer wise invoice
  • Doc Wise Invoice
  • Bill Submission
  • Invoice Tracking
Shipment Tracking

Shipment Tracking

  • Provide tracking option on website
  • Shipment internal tracking
  • Shipment online tracking
  • Multiple tracking


  • Barcode for Bookings, Dispatch, Receiving and Delivery
  • Tracking of Shortage/Excess
  • Prevent Fraud by using Barcode.
Mobile App

Mobile App

  • Bookings, Dispatch and Delivery
  • POD status Update
  • Barcode Scanning of Consignments at Dispatch / Unloading.
Full Truck management

Full Truck management

  • Bookings, Dispatch and Delivery
  • Vendor Management for payments
  • Customer receipts
  • Invoicing.
Courier booking management

Courier booking management

  • Bookings & Delivery Service Location       and Branch creation.
  • Hub Management
  • Rate Card for Normal and On A/c Customers
  • Bookings, Dispatch, Delivery, POD update.
  • Consignment tracking.

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Why Should You Choose Us?

CargoERP a logistic software solution. Well customized for small, medium, large logistics companies. Our application functions as a crucial tool to manage shippers, carriers, vendors and customers.

Look at the benefits:

Each business has its own operational needs, different requirements and processes. To fit the need for all transporters, CargoERP software consists of customized features to cater basic shipping needs and complex transport businesses.

Service 24/7
Uninterrupted service and dedicated support team.

Best ROI and Sales
Our software offers a significant ROI for shippers, driving new users to adopt CargoERP.

Cloud-Based service
Centralized data storage gives access to valuable data and promotes work synchronization.

CargoERP’s Custom-developed Transport management software is integrated with fleet management software, courier management software, full truck management software and part truck management software modules on a single platform to cater different businesses.

CargoERP Software Benefits

Impact on your business

Integrating our software solutions with your business helps the logistic organizations to minimize investment through better route planning, load optimization and mode selection.

It boosts productivity and liability by adding complete visibility to the transportation chain process

CargoERP Logistic Software for Small, Medium and Large Businesses

Logistic firms from start-up to successful organizations, deal with intricate shipment process. Day to day business needs up gradation from the client’s perspective. Implementation of technology to logistic firms manages all significant bottlenecks.

CargoERP with its vast experience in logistics developed customizable management software, applicable to small, medium and large businesses.

Benefits of Cargo Logistics Software

Our Best Business Solutions:

  • Transport management software
  • Fleet management software
  • Courier management software
  • Full truckload management software
  • Part truckload management software

You can avail the benefits of our top-rated software to meets requirements.

A quick list of benefits of CargoERP’s software:

  • Automated operation, execution and billing.
  • End to end visibility with GPS.
  • Access cloud server 24/7 from anywhere.
  • Reliable data security.
  • Good platform to expand the business.
  • Quick communication.
  • Timely deliveries.
  • Utilize the resources effectively.
  • Quick ROI.
  • Happy customers.

Best Logistics Software in India

CargoERP is India’s best cloud based logistic software provider that streamlines your business operations. Automation, customization, reliability, perfection are some of the key qualities of our software.

CargoERP stands as a benchmark for logistic software. We are the leading logistic software provider in India, located in Hyderabad, Telangana.

All these modules are integrated on a single platform as a complete package. We offer customization that suits your business.

key Features of Cargo Logistics software

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In one single click, you can see how software makes a real difference:

  • Simplify shipment process.
  • Negotiable transportation rates
  • Budget-friendly
  • Assured deliveries
  • High data privacy

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