Features To Be Considered Buying Transport Management Software

Many transportation businesses are striving hard to keep up the success rate of their organization. With ever-changing customer needs adopting the latest technology is the only solution to maximize deliveries and minimize cost.

Before investing in software, you need to gain actionable insight about indispensable tools to manage shipping. Numerous Transport Management Software are available in the market these days but knowing and implementing the TMS that best suits vary from organization to organization.

Here is a list of some featuresTransport Management Software can offer to foster your business

Optimization engine: Currently available TMS in the market is not totally equipped with an optimization engine to create optimized route plan for faster deliveries. When selecting a TMS make sure it should have one of these optimization tools.

  • Route optimization: The system is designed to select the most optimal route for shipping. It makes it immeasurably easier to plan and execute multiple shipment routing by consolidating pooling and even opting multi-modal transportation.
  • Carrier and mode selection: Choosing the best carrier and mode is perhaps the main concern of many shippers. TMS system aids in selecting apt carrier and mode based on price and business requirements.
  • Load optimization: It deals with the arrangement of packages on vehicle abiding by stack ability rules.

Real-time tracking: System provides you the ability to track shipment from pickup to delivery. Proactive management of flow of goods eventually results in healthy balance between demand and supply. This feature incurs reduction in overall transportation costs.

Carrier contract management: Most businesses find it difficult in managing multiple carrier contracts. With the best TMS in hand you and your team can easily compare contacts and costs upfront. Look for a TMS that can digitize all agreements and can track them real-time.

Dispute management: Transportation business has an opportunity for profits and losses at the same time.Managing disputes is a pain-point encountered these days. Transport Management system provides a centralized method of dealing with disputes. Few systems offer dispute reporting and analytics, others integrate financial data to foster settlement process.

Security: Best feature to look for in a TMS is secured platform. It is a must-have feature to protect all business recordsfrom data breach. Transport Management Software platform should be well equipped with identifying any unauthorized software changes.

Report and business intelligence: You can comprehend business growth by analyzing reports in all areas. An efficient TMS should offer comprehensive reports covering all transportation metrics in the classic format. It helps to understand fast-moving and ever-changing business trends.

Billing support: It is incredibly important to attain accurate billing to maintain a proper relationship with carriers. Look for a TMS that supports various billing models often used in transportation management. A complete system that can simplify auditing, creating freight invoices, calculate carrier rates, etc.

Communication: To facilitate end-to-end visibility of all activities, there lies a need of quick communication among all departments in transportation business. Many TMS solutions configure alerts and notifications as needed to streamline your business activities.

Setup and implementation: If you are looking for a server-based TMS, there is hardware to purchase or lease. Setup also requires additional equipment, integration and service fees.All this takes months to integrate your traditional TMS. With SaaS solution implementation comes with ease, you just have to connect to a cloud server through the internet. It renders more security and centralizes decision-making.

Having an understanding of the TMS features widely available in the market, now it’s your choice to decide upon the Best Transport Management Software to choose for your business needs. Some of the TMS has few features and some are fully packed with advanced features that you mayor may not require.

Some of the vendors of TMS software as of today include SAP,ORACLE, JDA Software, Manhattan Associates and others.

We at Cargo ERP have developed our own Transport management softwarethat you can buy at an affordable price, deploy and use instantly.Our TMS is tailored to offers customization, scalability, security and adaptability to new features to unique customers.

Let me quickly familiarize you with Cargo ERP’sTMS features:

  • Route optimization
  • GPS Real-time tracking
  • Cloud database
  • Online billing and invoice
  • Barcode
  • Mobile app
  • Customized reporting

If you are interested in customizingour TMS for your business, contact us and let’s discuss how to implement your ideas.

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